Lockdown and being quarantined hasn’t come easy for everyone. While some have their families with them, there are many who are away from their homes all alone. Many people have suffered from lockdown and one of the least talked about are those who are battling mental issues and going out was the only respite. One of them is Shilpa’s Sister Shamita Shetty. She has faced depression and anxiety During Lockdown and here is what she has to say.

During an interaction with TOI, Shamita Shetty revealed that how difficult it is to live alone in a city like Mumbai during lockdown. “It’s difficult and it can be depressing to live alone, away from your family. If I did not have my domestic help living with me, things would have been even more difficult. It’s the human company that matters. You have to make an effort to stay positive at a time when news channels have been reporting so much, and a lot of it is quite disturbing. It can add to anxiety. Meditation is one way to keep yourself positive. I make it a point to watch something happy and light before I sleep, so I wake up feeling easy,” She said.

She further added, “I have gone through moments when I have been depressed and anxious in the day. I am grateful to technology that allowed me to constantly stay in touch with my loved ones. Imagine not being able to see them! I get anxious when my groceries are getting over and I am not finding slots to order them online.”

Shamita went on to reveal how she tries to keep herself happy busy and also talked about people who don’t have anything to work out in their homes, can still do it by other methods. “I go through phases when I eat a lot. I am an emotional eater. Also, there are days when it’s really hot and I don’t feel like hitting the gym. I just think on those days, pampering yourself and not being hard on oneself can keep you happy,” she added.


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