Many people have come forward to speak on the suicide of  Sushant Singh Rajput. The 34-year-old star committed suicide by hanging himself at his Bandra house on June 14. Now, Shekhar Suman has come out to speak against the industry and its dirty politics that seemingly took Sushant Singh Rajput life.

According to Shekhar Suman, he has been really disturbed by the shocking news. And one major reasons behind it is that he feels connected to Sushant Singh Rajput as he was also from Bihar. He has taken to his twitter handle to put forward his views on the same. Shekhar Suman tweeted, “Film industry के सारे शेर बनने वाले कायर Sushant ke चाहनेवालों के केहर से,चूहे बनकर बिल में घुस gaye hain.मुखौटे गिर gaye hain..the hypocrites are exposed. Bihar and India won’t sit quiet till the culprits are punished. Bihar Zindabaad.”

In his another tweet, Shekhar wrote, “Sushant was a Bihari that’s why the Bihari sentiment is at the forefront. But I’m not taking away the fact that it concerns ppl from all the states of India and there shouldn’t be another Sushant kind of tragedy with any young talent trying to make it on his own.” In his tweet, Shekhar Suman mentioned that his Bihari sentiment is at the forefront as Sushant also hailed from the same place and he would not like to see such a tragedy happening with another young talent.

Shekhar Suman tweets on Sushant Singh Rajput suicide

Shekhar Suman in one of his tweets is also presuming that an intelligent person like Sushant would have definitely left a suicide note and said, “My heart tells me, like many others, there is more than meets the eye.”

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Shekhar Suman tweets on Sushant Singh Rajput suicide

Meanwhile, Mumbai Police is still investigating the suicide and interrogating each and everyone who was in contact with Sushant Singh Rajput.

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