talented actress Sara Ali Khan is admired by many for her candid and
down-to-earth attitude. Sara has a very jolly nature; the actress is all by
herself when it comes to her public appearances. She acts natural and when it
comes to her personality she is very humble. The actress frequently sends
hand-written notes to the paparazzi or greeting her fans with all her heart and
smiles, Sara is not only winning the hearts of her fan by her amazing acting
skills but also due to her humble and kindest approach towards everything.

actress Sara Ali Khan, who is brought up by her mother, Amrita Singh (Saif Ali
Khan’s ex-wife). In the year 2018, Sara made her Bollywood debut with her
excellent acting skills in Kedarnath. Being a daughter of Saif and Amrita
everyone’s expectation is quite high from Sara. She has done several
commercials as well. The diva is also known for being one of the most stylish
actresses in the industry.

The actress is one of the friendliest B-town divas and she has always extended some of the kindest gestures not only towards the paparazzi but also towards the fans who waited for foe the actress she greets with them with a smiling face. Sara is a fitness freak and never misses her classes. Her visits to the gym for her Pilates session are common as she gets papped by the shutterbugs whenever she is out for her classes or dinner outings and yesterday was happened to be no different. The actress was snapped post her Pilates session as she was headed back home with her driver. 

In the video which has been doing rounds on social media, Sara Ali Khan gets papped while heading back to her home after her classes. As she was getting into her car, she was asked to pose for some more photos as fans have waited outside so she obliged kindly. Just in no time, a fan came to greet with her, the actress was in for a shock when as he tried to kiss her on the hand when she extended it for a handshake.

She immediately retreated her hand back and the security guard immediately shuns that fan away. But the thing that touches our hearts even after the incident, she stood with a smiling face and meets with the rest of the fans. Isn’t she’s too cute to handle!?