Saroj Khan was an ace Bollywood choreographer who passed away on July 3 at 1:52 am due to cardiac arrest. She was known to have choreographed some of the most talked-about songs in Bollywood and given the best dance numbers. She had worked with all the top stars. But during her later years, Saroj Khan wasn’t getting enough work and that’s when Salman Khan came for her and stood like a rock till the end.

In a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror, Saroj Khan’s daughter Sukaina Khan revealed that Salman Khan stood like a rock with her family till the end. Sukaina also spoke about the time when Salman Khan helped her during her son’s heart surgery. A source revealed to the portal, “Last year, Sarojji met Salman and told him about her plight. He immediately promised her work and she was training some of his protégées. In fact, last year, her grandson, too, had some health issues and Salman had taken over the entire responsibility of his surgery. Sarojji had become very close to the Khan family over the last year.” (Also read: When Saroj Khan Slapped Shahrukh Khan For Being Too Busy And Saying He Has…)

Salman Khan Helped Late Choreographer Saroj Khan Till The End Revealed Her Daughter Sukaina

Speaking about the same, late Saroj Khan’s daughter Sukaina Khan told Mumbai Mirror, “Salman Khan stood by us like a rock and helped her till the end. They were on very good terms and he even stepped in for my son’s heart surgery last year in Kerala. He was there for us when we needed the most.” Sukaina went on to share that her mother “was doing her namaaz” she told her, “she prayed for Salman’s happiness because he is misunderstood by everyone despite doing so much good for people around.”

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