Saroj Khan was a very famous Bollywood choreographer who had worked with almost every star in the Bollywood industry. She has been the mind behind the hook steps and trademark steps of most of the stars and is known for many songs that became quite a rage because of the dance moves. Many stars have been writing condolences for Saroj Khan demise and now Saif Ali Khan has come out to express his emotions.

Saif Ali Khan On Saroj Khan death

Saif Ali khan, who worked with Saroj Khan on many songs, penned down an emotional letter remembering the late choreographer. Saif wrote, “I did my first film and first song ever with her in “parampara”, followed closely with “Aashiq awaara”, the title song of which was a big hit and stabilised my floundering career. She had me doing some trademark moves on my knees on a sweaty , incredibly hot and crowded set with no air conditioner and lots of chemical “smoke.”

Saif went on to recount, “I think only my colleagues from the 90s and before will understand the conditions I mean. I finished the step and found I had torn the knees of my trousers and blood was trickling down my leg. I told Saroji, or masterji as I called her , and she said “oh don’t worry about blood. See where this blood takes you in life.” She taught me to work hard . I would turn off the set lights and wrap a mal mal cloth around my head and rehearse her steps for hours , often without lunch, to get it right; but we were never allowed to change the step to make it easier. That was not her work ethic.”

He added, “She knew what “style” suited each of us actors best and would create that for us. She made me rehearse for a week for a song I was to do with her and when I got to the set she made me perform it in one go infront of the unit . When I finished panting , she said “ok, now forget all that, now that you’re easy with the song let’s try something  better !” That song was “ole ole” in Yeh Dillagi and she took a hit song to another level. I must have performed this song a few hundred times on stage on international tours, often three times in a row to “encores”! I will always owe her ( and Jojo and Ahmed Khan who at the time were her young assistants ! Later they became big names in their own right ) for this song and making me into a dancing star – an incredible feat as I have two left feet !!!”

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