Riya Sen started out very young in Bollywood and did a number of movies like Dark Chocolate, Shadi No. 1, Jhankaar Beats, etc. However, the actress didn’t continue with her film career for long. She soon left Bollywood and joined the Bengali movie industry. In a candid interview, she has revealed why she left the glamor world.

In an interview with PTI, Riya Sen revealed how people made her felt horrible by giving her the tag of ‘sexy’ and ‘bold’ at the age of 16. Riya was quoted as saying, “I realised some of the films I did, after a few hits that I had, they weren’t working for me because I wasn’t comfortable in the roles I was playing. That’s why probably people thought I was a bad actress and I don’t blame them. At that point when I did a lot of Bollywood movies, it was about being sexy, the clothes that you wear, the makeup that you do. I didn’t fit into that.” She added, “Getting those tags (sexy, bold), it was just terrible, horrible. Living with that… I was in school when the tag of ‘sexy’ started coming way. There was so much pressure to always look perfect, a certain way.”

Riya Sen

“Even when I went out, people had this perception that Oh Riya Sen because they feel what you’re on screen, you’re the same in real life,” she continued.

“Everyone wants to be glamorous, no doubt, but I was so young when I came here. I was doing all these roles, wearing a mini skirt, running around and acting ‘cute’. When I’d watch myself on screen I’d be like ‘eeks, I can’t believe that’s me’. I found myself very uneasy, very uncomfortable. It wasn’t me. I couldn’t go on set every day, get my hair curled for hours and sit with all that make-up. It just didn’t do it for me. I took a conscious decision to stop working in Bollywood movies at that time,” said Riya.

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