Raveen Tandon is quite active on social media and keeps her
fans entertained. Now, she has recently shared a video from her stay in New
York where she can be seen dancing on the street with her daughter Rasha.
However, the little one is embarrassed by her mom and runs away.

Sharing it, she wrote: “#throwback (2017) #THROWBACK to the
days when the streets of #newyork were full of fun and happiness! Now – Prayers
for all in New York , India,Maharashtra , Italy , london . May the world heal
and we all see a better brighter healthier planet soon. Rest in peace all those
who succumbed to this disease . You will always be in our prayers . In this
video , Rasha @officialrashathadani as usual totally embarrassed by my
behaviour ,Anil and I teasing her even more and she tries to run away ! Video
credit – @official_ranbirvardhan_thadani @ranbir_loves_mufc.” She also
mentioned how her young daughter was thoroughly embarrassed by her mother’s
antics on the street.

Through the lockdown, Raveena has been sharing fun stuff
online. Couple of days she shared a video of playing fetch with her pet cat.
Sharing it, she had written: “Who has ever seen a #kittycat play fetch! Bored
at home she needs the exercise!The lockdown has helped puma learn something
new! #pumathecat #pumachronicles @livinitupwithlucifer.”