Rashami Desai suffered a heartbreak after Salman Khan exposed Arhaan Khan’s truth to Rashmi about his marriage and child when they were inside the Bigg Boss house. Things took an ugly turn when Rashami accused Arhaan Khan of withdrawing money from her account without her knowledge. Following this the actress also went on to IG live and broke up with him. Also, she shared a love-hate relationship with Sidharth Shukla. Rashami Desai Confirms Being In Touch With Sidharth; Talks About Love And Says ‘Meri Kismat Mein Ni Hai’

In a conversation with E Times TV Rashami opens up. She was quoted saying, “I am in touch with Sidharth on and off. I keep watching his fitness videos; yes I am in touch with him.” The lady also talks about love. She says, “Aik hi cheez hai jo meri life mein nahi ho pati hai I think that subject is not for me. I will not talk about it but yes I still have my family and friends.”

Speaking of her destiny is love, the actress says, “Insaan un cheezon ke peeche bhagta hai joh uske paas nahi hoti hai, aap unn cheezon ki value karo jo aapke paas hai. So this is the thing that keeps me going and main kabhi mayoos nahi hoti. There was a time when things didn’t work.”

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Rashami Desai revealed about her equation with Mahira Sharma and Sidharth Shukla. She explained how she was protective about Mahira and seen her as a child. While she ignored the question about her and Siddharth’s equation. Explaining her views, the lady said, “From day one I was the same. But with Mahira, yes, I think I became more protective for her. She was more close to Paras and Paras was more protective of her. So, I have always taken her as a child. Paras ke liye muje thoda sa bura lagta ta (I always used to feel bad), why is not he understanding. But, eventually, everything became good. With Mahira, yes I had different feelings for her and later she understood that. Uske taraf se mere liye behaviour change hone laga (her attituded started to change towards me) and I really loved it.” Rashami Desai Confirms Being In Touch With Sidharth; Talks About Love And Says ‘Meri Kismat Mein Ni Hai’