No matter how hard and tough a person is as an individual, he is
always the softest and most fragile when it comes to his children. Where a
mother feels an exceptional connection as she carries the baby for nine whole
months before birth, it is the father who develops an inexplicable and veiled
bond of anticipation and an unimaginable sense of security. Especially when the
person who is about to enter their world is their little baby princess.

Where a mother’s first concern is nurturing the child for her
growth, it is the father who does everything to create a world where she can
grow and evolve. And no matter the age; two, twelve or twenty two, a daughter is
always ‘my baby girl’ for her dad. From the time of her birth, her father makes
sure to fulfil her every wish and desire, and thus becomes her real life super

Same is the bond shared between television heartthrob Rannvijay Singha and his daughter Kainaat Singha. Though Kianaat turned three only recently on 16th,January 2020, she has been showered with more love than most people could even fathom. But everyone knew that it was going to be that way from the moment Rannvijay and his wife, Prianka Vohra welcomed their baby girl after approximately three years of their marriage, and named her Kainaat (meaning universe).

It was only last year when Rannvijay threw a birthday bash for her
daughter, and famous star kids like Taimur Ali khan, Nisha kaur Webster were
spotted enjoying their ‘little get together’. But this year, he had a much more
adorable surprise for her. Rannvijay took to his innstagram and shared a
beautiful and enchanting picture of hers along with the most lovable message “Happy birthday #myuniverse
@singhakainaat! It’s a blessing to see you grow! Thanks for the last three
years baby! I wish and pray that you have an amazing and beautiful life. Dadda
loves you to infinity and back.” 

Where Rannvijay made sure to show his
love for her daughter, his wife was not behind. Prianka shared an equally
charming picture of Kainaat and wrote, “Happy happy happy 3rd Birthday to
my Everything. Love you so much meri Jaan! Satnam Waheguru”.

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