Quarantine Tips: Don’t Just Eat-Sleep-Repeat; Recover in Peace

Do you have that schedule too? The one you were pressured into making. With yoga, hot yoga and goat yoga. Those darn squats, lunges, shoulder press and bench press. With baking brownies, shortcakes and muffins. With mocha, cappuccino and dalgona coffee. ASAP learning how to make pani-puri, momos and sev puri. Do you want a peaceful n stress-free pandemic (well not the pandemic part)? Then this is your guide to a stress free pandemic.

This does look good!

Well then, my fellow quarantined/ lockdown-ed soul, rip that schedule list-off (dramatically) if you are old-school or delete it and read this leisurely, because I don’t have magic wish-dust to vanish your stress away. (lower the bars! phew).

We are in the middle of a freaking pandemic, you don’t have to scale the Everest right now! While coronavirus is its RNA more spontaneously than stock market. And the spectrum of rainbow might become a shortcut trick to learn the name of diseases instead of happy feeling. (PMT students you get me, right?) Think before rushing into all those pandemic trends.

So, do what makes the pandemic more survivable for you. (Just make up some fake adventure stories when your great-grand kids ask about.)

You can watch the sunrise through the maze of buildings or love your comforter and pillow as much as you want. You can compete with Pablo Picasso or laugh at your doodles like I do. That’s good too! (narrowing eyes)

You can write the invitations and quote cards for all lockdown weddings with that beautiful calligraphy of yours or try to solve the mystery of your own illegible handwriting like I do. (I don’t think I thank, whoever invented word processing software, enough.)

Or maybe you can go for the classic pandemic package. Eat-Sleep-Repeat! Recover in peace.