Priyanka Chopra Goes Bold In New Photo Shoot, Says ‘I Don’t Want To Be Defined By Where I Come From’

Priyanka Chopra has featured in a new look on the cover of an international magazine. The actor has said she has arrived at a place in Hollywood where her culture is an asset, and not something that she is defined by. Priyanka Chopra has featured in a new photo shoot for a magazine, where she sported a cropped hairstyle in bold outfits. The White Tiger actor has also opened up about her vision for her Hollywood career, and how she doesn’t want to be “meek but bold” as an actor.

Priyanka has shared multiple pictures from the monochrome photo shoot for Elle UK’s March issue. She was seen in a black leotard, paired with a trench coat and messy short hair. She was seen posing in a two-piece crop top and shorts, and knee-high boots in one of the pics, while the other showed her striking a pose in an oversize trench coat.

The actor, who has successfully represented the South Asian community on a global platform, made it clear what she is aiming for. Opening up about what she told producers, she said in an interview to Elle, “I came in and I said, ‘I don’t mind putting my head down, working, auditioning, learning how to speak in an American accent.’ I wanted to play parts. I don’t want to be defined by where I come from. I want to play leads.”

Priyanka was also very clear that she won’t play the stereotypical Indian in international projects. “I don’t want to do the extra Indian accent. If my character was born and brought up in the UK or in the US, why would she speak like that? Why would you wear a bindi? It’s a silly, stereotypical thing. I defied a lot of that, and now I’m reaching a point in Hollywood where my culture is my asset instead of my definition.”

Priyanka is currently basking in the praise she has been receiving for her film, The White Tiger. She plays an Indian-origin American married to an Indian (Rajkummar Rao).