Two days back, we brought to you the heartbreaking news of Crime Patrol Actress Preksha Mehta committed sui`cide because she was under stress. It was ironic how she ended her life being in a show that taught us how to fight crime. Preksha Mehta’s father revealed that he had no idea that she can take such steps.

Preksha Mehta’s father

In an interview with ABP News, Preksha Mehta’s father revealed that the actress never liked sitting idle and had started getting restless during the lockdown. He said, “Preksha used to remain restless as all shoots had halted due to lockdown. She was upset over the further extension of the lockdown in Mumbai. She never liked sitting idle.”  Preksha’s father also shared how the family was unaware that she would take such a drastic step. He added. “Whenever she used to read about the lockdown in the newspaper, I used to tell her that she shouldn’t be worried as it’s for everyone. We had no idea she will take such a drastic step.”

When Preksha’s father asked about if they forced the actress for marriage. To which he replied, “Preksha had already told us that she will get married in 2-3 years only after earning a name in the film and TV industry. We never pressurized her for marriage but sometimes we used to ask her to get married in a light-hearted manner.”

A sui`cide note has also been recovered from the crime patrol actress room. When her father was asked about the note, he said after reading the note even the family couldn’t understand it why she wrote all that.

Preksha who moved to Mumbai two years back for work. According to the report she was under depression since the lockdown started, she was worried that she might not get any work after the lockdown.

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