Payal Rohatgi’s Twitter account has been suspended for seven days for spewing hatred. In a series of tweets she had posted earlier, she was seen calling Safoora Zargar a bitch. Now that her account is suspended, she has shared another video where she is heard stating that many stars tweet different things but their account is not inactive and is still validated, however, hers is suspended. We’ve got our hand on a video which shows Payal Rohatgi brutally slams Swara Bhasker.

Payal Rohatgi slams Swara Bhasker

Payal’s twitter account has been restored now and she had been furious over her account suspension. A video is surfacing on the social media which shows Payal slamming Swara Bhasker and questioning why Swara’s account was never suspended even after her remarks against UP CM Yogi Adityanath. The video clip starts with Payal saying, “In sab logon ke Twitter account valid hai, active hai, working hai,magar Payal ke Twitter account ko suspend kar diya jaata hai kyuki Payal un logon ko kut*ya bulaati hai jo log hamaare desh ke khilaaf shadyantr rachte hain. (Their accounts are all valid, and active, but Payal’s account has been suspended because she calls out those who are conspiring against our country.)

She went on to say, “Hamaare desh ke andar web series ke andar Savitri karke naam liya jaata hai kut*ya ka, magar humaare desh ke khilaaf kaam karne wali auraton ko kut*ya bulaaye toh Twitter mera account block kar deta hai.”

Click here to watch the video:

In a recent tweet, while slamming a troll, Payal wrote, “Her tweet read, “Ram Ram ji Calling me NAGIN, ZEHRELI, and telling me to FUCK off is FOS by liberals But if I called the women behind burning delhi #B*tches ( kut*ya – hindi translation ) then I abuse. Get a life all the jobless liberals who need sex frankly as they are very frustrated.

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