In our previous post, we showed how Ranbir Kapoor was shunned and slammed for not living with him mom Neetu Kapoor during such tough times. He was seen coming to the home on the tehravi of his father while his sister Riddhima had been living with her mom. But now, we have a past interview of Ranbir where he has told that it was rather his mother Neetu Kapoor who asked Ranbir to move out of the house.

There was a time when Ranbir wanted to move out of his father’s house but couldn’t tell his parents about the same. That’s when his mom, Neetu Kapoor insisted he should move out and live life on his terms. During an interaction with media back in 2015, Ranbir Kapoor said that he wanted to live alone but it was his mother’s idea. She told him that he had been in his father’s house for too long. Unlike other countires there’s a tradiotion In India where a family lives together even after the children gets  married but his mom was the one who insisted the actor live his own life. According to the reports, the actor is currently staying with his alleged girlfriend Alia Bhatt.

Neetu Kapoor asked Ranbir Kapoor

Elaborating further he mentioned that initially, he was a little hesitant with the idea because he was very comfortable living in the house as his parents had never encroached on his space. He has lots of space in the house. But his mum was insistent and she wanted him to move out. Later, he realised that it was one of the best things he had done because there was a sense of ownership he felt when he lived on his own.

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