Nawazuddin Siddiqui And Aaliya Siddiqui Separation: “I Have Raised My Kids And I Want Their Custody” Says Aaliya

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s significant other Aaliya has allegedly sent the Sacred Games on-screen character a legitimate notification requesting a separation and upkeep. Her legal advisor affirmed the equivalent with Navbharat Times and expressed that she sent the notification looking for separation and support, on May 7. Nawaz’s wife Aaliya’s lawyer Abhay told newspaper, “We sent the legal notice to Nawazuddin on May 7, 2020, via email and WhatsApp, as we couldn’t send it through post due to the lockdown. Our client, Mrs Siddiqui, has also sent him the notice, but he hasn’t responded till date. The notice claims maintenance and divorce. I would not like to get into the contents of the notice, as the allegations are serious and sensitive to the Siddiqui family.”

While, Mrs Siddiqui told Bombay Times, “Two months of lockdown gave me a lot of time to introspect. Self-respect is extremely important in a marriage. Woh meri khatam ho chuki thi, I didn’t have that. I was made to feel like a nobody, I always felt alone. His brother Shamas was also an issue. I have gone back to my original name, Anjali Kishor Pandey. I don’t want to be reminded that I am using someone’s identity for my benefit. She further added, “I want to go with the flow. I haven’t thought much about the future, but I don’t want this marriage anymore. There are no chances of reconciliation. I have raised them (kids) and I want their custody.”

The legal advisor said that he was unable to unveil the details of the legitimate notification starting at now, as it is private and touchy. He further uncovered that the notification has been sent to Nawazuddin through mail just as WhatsApp, as speed post administrations are inaccessible in the present circumstance.

Aaliya’s legal advisor likewise shared that they haven’t got a reaction from Nawazuddin Siddiqui yet. Then, Aaliya additionally affirmed it with Zee News, that there were issues in their marriage. She asserted they were ‘not kidding ones’ and couldn’t go further in this relationship. In any case, she didn’t uncover what these issues were. They have been hitched for more than 10 years and she additionally asserted that the issues have been there for quite a while at this point, due to Nawazuddin and his sibling, yet she chose to not misrepresent it.

On the other hand, Nawazuddin Siddiqui alongside his mom, sibling, and sister-in-law, ventured out right to Budhana in Muzaffarnagar region, Uttar Pradesh, to arrive at his old neighborhood on May 15. They are as of now under home isolate. Taking to his twitter, Nawazuddin Siddiqui wrote, “Due to the recent loss of my younger sister, my mother who is 71yrs old got anxiety attack twice. We have followed all the guidelines given by the State Government. We are #HomeQuarantined at our hometown Budhana. Please #StaySafe #StayHome.”