We all grew up watching Shaktimaan every Sunday afternoon
sitting glued to our TV screens. The popularity of the show was massive and it
was a range among the kids. But, it was taken off air suddenly and all the fans
were left wondering what happened to the show. Now that the show is being
re-run on TV, here’s Mukesh Khanna himself explaining why the show went off air.

While speaking to an entertainment portal, Mukesh Khanna
said that after the show got prime slot, he was promised an increase in his pay
by the makers post the completion of 104 episodes. He further disclosed that
despite his repeated reminders, his fee was not increased even after the 350
episodes and the makers wanted him to work further without getting a raise.

As per him, he felt as if he was getting punished for the
popularity and the success of the show and the character Shaktimaan, so he
chose to quit the show because of which it went off-air suddenly. Mukesh Khanna
is also planning to bring Shaktimaan back on TV in a new version but things
will get cleared and confirmed only after the lockdown is lifted and things get
back to normal. Till then, sit inside your house and enjoy Shaktimaan and other