A good eye makeup is the key step in making a statement. Ever since the pandemic, eye make up has gained more importance the make up world. We have compiled some of the most popular eye makeup ideas you can pick for yourself.

  • Playing with the eyeliner: The era subtlety is far behind. You can use different colours of eye liner to create some abstract designs. Giving yourself a dramatic but clean look. Deviate from the traditional eye liner looks and get ready for some extremely fun experiments.

  • Perfect winged eyeliner: While talking about eye makeup we can never leave the classic winged eyeliner. You can go for the classic black liner or experiment with colours. Whether it is wedding or your online classes and zoom meetings, the wing eye liner looks are the way to go.

  • Metallic shadow: One of the classic ways to represent your inner boldness. Metallic shadow will be perfect for a night out of dancing and fun.
  • Portraying the spring: You can use the vibrant sunny eye shadow to go for a very bold yet sweet look. A bold lass. Playing with hues and vibrancy can never be boring.

  • The classic smoky eyes: The eyes look is always up for grabs. The very pioneer bold eye make up. You can go for this statement look when you’re going out on a date. Pro tip: Do not go out with people who say, they like natural girls. ; )

  • Glitter-y eye make up: Glitter-y eyes are most fun ones. Colours and sparkles, who doesn’t like them? Play with the colours and your favourite eye glitters all you want it’s your eyes after all.