Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma were one of the most talked about contestants of Bigg Boss 13. Their friendship was the hottest topic of discussion. While, their fans wished them to end up together they always mantained a “just friends” stance. Paras also broke up with his longtime girlfriend Akanksha Puri and many assumed that it was his relationship with Mahira that caused the breakup. Mahira Sharma Reveals About Her Mother’s Bond With Rumoured Boyfriend Paras Chhabra

Paras and Mahira were seen spending a lot of time together. The actress also paid a visit to Paras’ house and met his mother. And Paras’s mother who looked against their friendship during her visit to BB house. But now things seem to have got better as we recently saw a picture of Mahira Sharma happily posing with the mother son duo.

Now in the recent chat with Times Of India, when Mahira Sharma asked about her mother Sania’s bond with Paras, she said, “My mom loves Paras a lot, she likes him. More than me, my mother gets along well with Paras. I don’t call him that much, but my mom likes chatting with him over the phone, tujhe pata hai ye hua woh hua… aur bata kya chal raha hai… (laughs),”

When asked about their bond she said, “We are and were loyal towards each other and our bond is so strong that people will realise how good friends we are. Our bond is forever. I don’t get along well with everyone that easy and now that Paras is my friend, I will maintain this bond for life.”

hira Sharma Reveals About Her

Speaking if these link-up rumours affect her she said, “There are a lot of things that people have said in the past also and they still keep saying it and I think kuch toh log kahenge logon ka kaam hai kehna. They say good and bad both things about us, but it really doesn’t matter to us.”

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