LPG Cylinder Price Increased Again; Check What’s Its Cost Today!

In May, the purchasers of the LPG cylinder experienced a subsequent misfortune. Again LPG Cylinder Price has become expensive. All the while, the expenses of commercial cylinders also extended from 19th May 2022. Domestic cylinder costs have expanded twice this month. 50 was expanded interestingly on the seventh of May and, surprisingly, today the cost of Domestic LPG gas cylinders has been expanded.

The fuel companies have formally made this announcement just for non-subsidy gas. In any case, in most urban cities of the country, presently the subsidy of gas cylinders isn’t being given by the public authority, so buyers need to purchase cylinders without subsidies.

Alongside petrol and diesel, people are suffering because of the expense of food and drink and are also pained by the rising cost of LPG. Simply on May 7, the domestic LPG cylinders became costlier by Rs 50. Because of this, the cost of an LPG cylinder has crossed Rs 1000 in many cities of the nation, yet Delhi was left behind. Today, when the rate of LPG was expanded by Rs 3.50 paise, then, at that point, this gap was deleted.

As of now, the LPG cylinders in the whole country are above 1000. Let us tell you that over the last year, the domestic LPG cylinders in Delhi have gone up to Rs 1003 from Rs 809. From today, 14.2 kg Domestic LPG cylinder will be accessible in Delhi and Mumbai for Rs 1003 and in Kolkata for Rs.1029 and in Chennai for Rs 1018.5.

On May 7, due to the change of the rate of LPG, where domestic cylinders became costlier by Rs 50, 19 kg commercial cylinder turned out to be more affordable by about Rs 10. Today its rate has been expanded by Rs. Presently a 19 kg chamber is being sold for 2354 in Delhi, 2454 in Kolkata, 2306 in Mumbai and 2507 in Chennai.