Juneja, Founder-REVUP, MENTORx is operating from home since 15 march and all
her office staff is at paid leave. She says and follows that first and foremost
requirement is to stay safe and keeping your family safe. Nancy has started global
solidarity movement ‘Connecting Millennia’ with vision ‘One earth..One
Community’ wherein she with her team is taking complimentary webinars in India
as well other parts of globe like Italy, Ukraine ,Japan, Canada, Mauritius, Lebanon
, Africa and many more. She says it’s the time when we all need to be together as
community helping mankind towards a beautiful world that is waiting for us

While we all are staying at home, protecting humanity.
It is so important to keep yourself positive so that we keep our home
environment joyful. In fact, last few days we all learnt so many life lessons,

In a fast pace of rush life, we don’t get time to spend quality time in nature. It’s so good to spend time with family, do what you love, catch on to activities together and strengthen our bond. In fact, this is the time when we must pursue our hobbies like Reading, blogging, dancing, singing, gardening and much more. This is the time to be compassionate and contribute to daily wage workers and needy who are having a tough time. Last but not the least, we realised that *We look outside for solace; for peace but the fact is everything we want is within.

Just Accept & Embrace;

Find your way! 

Find your happiness! 

We are all in this together! 

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