By Dr. Rati Parwani

Are you sad or depressed?

There is a line of difference between sadness and depression. You guessed it right. Depression and sadness are not the same. So let us understand the basic difference between sadness and depression. 

Parameters  Sadness  Depression 
Type of Disorder  Mood disorder  Mental disorder 
Duration of Disorder Lasts for 48- 72 hours  Lasts for more than 2 weeks to months 
Form of Disorder  Temporary (Acute) Permanent (Chronic)
Effects  Short term effects  Long term effects 
Complications  None  Can lead to severe mental illness 
Treatment  Counselling  Anti – depressants 
Suicidal tendency  No  Present 
Sex  Both male & female  High prevalence in females 
Brain chemistry  Not affected  Gets affected 

Know more about depression !!

Depression is characterized by sadness and despair. It starts with a mood disorder and is linked to mental health conditions. It often causes people to feel sad and feel empty for a long period. 

Depression impacts the life of the individual

It all starts with stress. We all go through stress and it is very common. What’s important? This is how we deal with stress. Once you understand the stress hormone “cortisol” and how you should cope up with stress, you will be able to find a solution to all your mental health conditions. Dealing with stress helps to keep your mental health at an optimum level. 

Getting help at right time for depression 

Depression is a vicious cycle that must be broken so that you can set yourself free from the trap. Depression is a treatable condition. Supporting a person with depression is difficult. It is better to intervene at an early stage before this crops up and blooms into a mental disorder which can be difficult to treat. Remember, you do not want to be dependent on anti – depressants medication which can make you feel more dull and lethargic.