Know Why Indian Students Prefer Ukraine For MBBS

After Russia’s attack on Ukraine, thousands of students of Indian origin are stranded in cities in different states of the attacked country. About 80% of these students had gone there for medical studies. But the question arises that why such a large number of Indian students go to other countries including Ukraine for medical studies?

During Russia’s attack on Ukraine, out of 14 thousand students of Indian origin, about 70 students from Chhattisgarh are trapped in different cities of Ukraine. Most of these students had gone to Ukraine to study MBBS.

In Chhattisgarh, there are only 9 medical colleges having only 725 MBBS seats in seven medical colleges of the state, many students feel disheartened.

But parents of the middle class or lower-middle-class families get caught in the trap of advertisements from agencies who live in India and work as agents of medical colleges in Ukraine and other countries. It is worth noting that apart from the seven medical colleges currently operating in the state, there are also three private medical colleges.

Level Of Medical Education In India

Experts say that the level of medical education in India is better. Anyway, after studying MBBS there, one has to give a qualifying exam for registration or practitioner in India. After passing it, the student is considered an MBBS degree holder in India. If he is not able to qualify then he will not be considered a 12 pass in India. In such a situation, many students coming back from Ukraine are not able to take the qualifying exam and are left hand in hand.

Fees In Government Medical Colleges

The government medical colleges in India charge around Rs 40,000 per year for a period of four and a half years. Whereas, the fee for the last six months is 20 thousand rupees and 1200 for the exam fee. Apart from this, 10 thousand rupees are taken in the first year as a non-government fee.

Fees In Private Medical Colleges

Chhattisgarh, information was received from the management of three private medical colleges in Mowa, a medical college and the website of the college. The fee for each year of MBBS in this private college is more than 11 lakh 25 thousand. In which 6 lakh 45 thousand tuition fees and hostel and mess fees of two lakhs and many other fees are included.

Fees In Medical Colleges In Ukraine

Upendra Gupta, the father of Ambikapur resident Shubham Gupta, who is studying MBBS second year in Ukraine, said that Ukraine’s studies are good. It costs less money in Ukraine than in India. It is 60 to 70% less in Ukraine than the fees here. In Ukraine, MBBS or engineering, the study of both subjects is good at low cost.

To study in Ukrainian medical colleges, one has to qualify for the NEET exam held every year in India. After this, entry is easily obtained by taking permission from the government of Ukraine.