Actor Kangana Ranaut once again decided to take a cheeky dig at her old colleague Swara Bhasker this Sunday. After attacking Taapsee Pannu on social media and getting no attention from her, Kangana tagged Swara Bhasker in a meme that mocked the latter for her appearance and carrying a look that the Manikarnika star flaunted earlier. Both the actors could be seen wearing a beige coloured saree in the photos that compared their looks. Kangana reshared the meme that had ‘class’ written on her photo and ‘crass’ on Swara’s side.

Kangana Ranaut pulled a quick one on Tanu Weds Manu Returns co-star Swara Bhasker by retweeting a collage made by a fan that called Kangana as ‘class’ and Swara as ‘crass’. In the pictures, the actresses are dressed similarly in golden sarees with white blouses and choker necklaces.

The actress tagged Swara and wrote, “Yeh sab kya keh rahe hain !! Aisa hai kya [email protected] (what are these people saying? Is it true?)”. When fans wondered what was it all about, she clarified in the comments, writing, “Haan on a boring day thoda [email protected] ji ko cheda jaye (Thought I should tease Swara a little, on a boring day such as this).”

Swara took the joke in her stride and replied: “Always happy to help alleviate your boredom Kangana…you know I love you.” Aww, looks like they are friends indeed.