Jharkhand To Become Well-Connected Between Bokaro, Ormanjhi Through Expressway; Know More

Roads are being built in some remote and less connected parts of Jharkhand under the Centre’s flagship project. The latest is the Gola and Manjhi expressway. This project costs nearly Rs 1,700 crore.

The general manager of the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) S K Mishra has confirmed this and one of the major objectives of building this expressway is that it will connect the regions of Chattisgarh to Jharkhand opening many doors for the regional, financial and cultural development of the people living in these regions. It’s a 700 km long expressway.

There will be two sections for connecting Gola to Ormanjhi. The first section will be built from Gola to Bokaro and the second section will be built from Bokaro to Ormanjhi. However, tenders are yet to be out.

There is another expressway that will connect the Sambalpur region of Orissa to Jharkhand’s Ranchi city. It’s about a 146 km long project. Another expressway will connect the Raipur city of Chhattisgarh to Dhanbad via the Kumla and Ranchi region.

It’s about a 700km long project. under this project, Gola will also be connecting to Ormanjhi. we can say it’s a part of this project.

Benefits Of Expressway

  • The roads will be well equipped with modern facilities.
  • The land acquisition process will be at the last stage.
  • There will be rest houses for trolleys and heavy vehicles.
  • There will be feeder routes and connecting routes.
  • There will be less traffic.

For the development of any nation, road infrastructure plays a vital role. Free mobility is the essence of any developed or developing nation. Also, for the tribal areas where medical help and other facilities could not reach, a roadway network can connect these cities to mainstream development.