IS Asexuality Really A Disorder? Let’s Debunk Some Myths On Asexuality

Sriti Jha , a well known Tv actor came out as an asexual while narrating her beautiful poem ‘Confession of A Romantic Assexual’. Since her performance Sriti has been winning hearts on social media and is being appreciated for sharing her story on an open platform. Sriti performed bravely on Kommune India Spoken festival 2020 and hopefully she gave a lot of strength to many asexual people and also made them feel not alone.

Although Sriti’s poem brought a lot of attention and sparked a lot of conversation on Asexuality but in reality, our society is far away from accepting it even as a term. Many people around the world choose to not take asexuality very seriously, it is often compared to some mental or physical issue. But it is as real as any sexuality in the sexuality spectrum.

You might find lot of homophobic and transphobic people in our society and in the midst of that an Asexual person usually is not very excepted. And there are many factors which flame up the ignorance towards Asexuality. Myths and misconception related to asexuality plays the part big time in building a narrative against asexuality.

Let’s debunk some myths on asexuality right now.

Myth No.1 Asexuality is a disorder
Asexuality is often compared to HSDD (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder) which happens when you have low sexual drive or desire. Well, many asexual themselves has cleared this out. Model and activist Yasmin Benoit wrote in one of her teen vogue articles “Asexuality is not the result of a hormone deficiency, or a syndrome, or a physical or psychological ailment”.

Myth No. 2 Asexuality is another term for Celibacy
Celibacy is a choice. Asexuality is not. Celibate people voluntary choose to suppress their sexual desires for many certain reasons. Asexual people don’t get to choose.

Myth No.3 Impotent people are spanning the term to hide their shame
Impotency occurs when certain sexual or reproductive organ might not function properly where as Asexual people’s organs seem to be super fine.

Myth No. 4 We can Treat Asexuality
Well again. Asexual people are not suffering with some health issues which can be treated. They don’t want you to fix them , they want you to accept them.