Did any sad event in your life lead up to a pain that felt like a whole has been punched in your chest? Or after facing a heartbreak you feel like you are out of breath most of the time? If yes, you might have experienced social pain.

Generally, when we think of pain, we associate it with the physical pain but the hurt we receive from rejection, heartbreak or losing someone to death can also cause pain to us. Experts believe that an unanswered call or doesn’t getting a response on your text can also lead up to social pain.

Isolation and social distancing have taken a lot away from our lives. Some lost their jobs, many relationships fell off, we lost our loved ones or we just grew further away from the people who were part of your daily lives. And it was just not the pandemic which was growing upon us, we saw a lot of political and social unrest around the world which did affect us in some ways.

A study conducted by University of Sau Paulo suggests that there is a huge rise in cases of social pain among people in this pandemic.

Just as your body reacts to physical pain it also goes the same way with social pain too. If you get hurt badly by snowboarding you might be scared or extra careful when you do it again. Exactly when you go through a heartbreak you will find yourself hesitating or discouraged to fall in love again. Not every person feels that way but those who do for them it can be traumatic.

But there’s nothing to worry about because it goes away eventually one day but while you are suffering there are many ways to deal with social pain.

1. Try not pushing the pain away, it’s very necessary to acknowledge it. We all are human, not invincible beings and pain is a very inevitable emotion of our life. It’s better to treat that pain on the surface rather than dumping it deep in ourselves. Because it might find its way back to you one day and much stronger.

2. Everyone has their own way, their own pattern to move on from a trauma. Just remember that there is no deadline or time limit for it, no one likes being vulnerable but you need to take your time to heal. Any unhealed wound can get exposed easily if you rush to conclusions.

3. Being stuck in our homes limits us from outdoor activities but there are many things which you can do at your place which can help in minimizing those thoughts. Watching television, cooking, gardening, painting or just cleaning your house can be very therapeutic.

4. A warm hug from your family member or your close friend can give you a lot of comfort and hope. With your own comfortable pace try to reach out to them and talk to them about what you are feeling. A long conversation can give you a lot of clarity and perspective.

5. If you feel like your efforts are not working and you are still hurting it is highly recommended that you take professional help.

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