Parineeti Chopra’s upcoming film ‘The Girl On The Train’ is on brink of release and the leading lady of the film Parineeti Chopra is traveling the extra miles lately in promoting her thriller.

In a recent interview with Film Companion,’ Parineeti answered some candid questions and shared how she is feeling as her film’s release comes close. “I feel like I Can die out of nervousness. A part of me want the film to get released today and another part of me wants to curl up in the bed and don’t want to see what’s happening”. Talking more about her investment in the film Parineeti gushes about how she feels like she is the director, producer, assistant, everything as describes her involvement with the project.

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Parineeti will complete her 10 years in the film industry as an actress in few months and when asked about the girl she was an almost a decade ago Parineeti said, “No I don’t remember that girl but I want to share something else. I feel that initially, I did such a great acting people started seeing me as a carefree and chilled person but in reality, I’m not that kind of person all the time”.

Speaking on how special ‘The Girl On The Train’ is for her Parineeti said, “I feel like this is a personal success for me, this film was a catalyst for so many things in my life. It gave me so much clarity about things like what clothes I want to wear, with which directors I want to work, what films I wanted to do, how I want to be on a film set. I’m so emotionally invested in this that I feel like I’m delivering a baby”.

‘The Girl On The Train’ is Parineeti’s first film which offered her to play a very messy and intense role. Talking about how the film gave her a sense of achievement Parineeti said, “While growing up I was a very academic person, I was an achiever in my studies or any other activities. So I didn’t have any idea that I was okay with having mediocrity in my life and that’s exactly why I was not able to figure out why I was not happy”. ‘Mira’ the character which is played by Parineeti in the film eventually lead her to feel like an achiever once again, “The moment I started putting my 100% again I felt like the same girl I was years ago, I feel like I earned it in a fair way and that’s how I creatively satisfy I am with ‘Mira’”.

‘The Girl On The Train’ release on 26th February 22, 2021, on Netflix.

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