Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor passed away yesterday after he was admitted in Mumbai hospital. He was extremely unwell and had battled cancer as well. It came as shocking news just after a day of the shocking death of the extraordinary actor Irrfan Khan. He was battling cancer for a long time and had even stayed for a year for his treatment. He came back in September last year and has been keeping ill. Hritik Roshan Pens Down An Emotional Note For Rishi Kapoor Sharing All His Emotions

Sharing a beautiful picture, Hritik Roshan wrote, “Even your love had so much energy that I had to stand at attention every time you called. . I don’t think I have ever in my life been able to continue sitting down when you spoke to me . Everytime dad called and said “chintu uncle just saw your movie and he is calling you “, I used to get up, heart palpitating and start walking around in the room , preparing myself for the deluge of love and reprimand mixed so genuinely together in your own inimitable way that it was difficult for an observer to distinguish which was which. You gave me strength at my weakest

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moments. It felt so god damn amazing to think that Rishi Kapoor liked my work. That It made me believe in myself.”

He concluded, “Thank You for every time you picked up the phone and took the effort , thank you for repeatedly pointing out my mistakes , thank you for that consistent support and encouragement chintu uncle, there will never be any actor or human like you. Thank you for being my childhood , for literally shouting out loud into my ear drums about the importance of hard work. And for being so blatantly and ridiculously honest that it made me believe every single word you ever said . I and the world and everyone you touched and inspired is going to miss you. So so much . ❤️ (sic).”

Hritik Roshan Pens Down An Emotional Note For Rishi Kapoor Sharing All His Emotions

In a conversation with Mid Day, Rakesh stated: “I woke up this morning to a message from a friend, asking if Rishi Kapoor was all right. When I called Dabboo [Randhir Kapoor], his number was busy. That’s when my heart sank and I instinctively knew something was wrong. Then I rang up Ranbir who shared the news. It was so shocking that I started crying on the phone. Instead of me consoling him, Ranbir comforted me. He has been a pillar of strength to his father.”

The dear friend, Rakesh also took his Instagram account and posted a picture from a throwback get together which took place after Rishi’s return in India in 2019. The picture also had late actor’s brother Randhir Kapoor and Jeetendra. Along with the picture, he wrote, “Rishi left us… Chintu gone… feeling lonely, God give strength.” Hritik Roshan Pens Down An Emotional Note For Rishi Kapoor Sharing All His Emotions