Being married is a wonderful feeling but it comes with a lot of responsibility. Here are some ways to make sure that your man stays in control and never wavers to create any difficulties for you. If you want to control him then don’t start by “controlling” him. When you want to keep a man under control you have to make sure that you don’t adopt the controlling attitude. The minute a man feel that his wife is trying to control him he will begin to defy her and hell will break loose.

Keep the pressure under check
While at times it becomes necessary to put pressure on the husband to get something done or to not do something; it becomes equally necessary to keep this pressure under check. Putting pressure on a man at all times will only force him to rebel against you.

Let him feel like he is still free in your relationship
Your husband needs to feel that he is not trapped in a maximum security prison when he married you. The strange thing is that the more free you make your husband feel, the more under control he will be. This is reverse psychology at its best.

Make him feel like he wears the pants in the family
A man needs to feel all important and his ego demands that he feels like he wears the pants in the family. Consulting him when you take important decisions and respecting his judgment is crucial to this aspect. Once you have this area covered he will be in your control.

Be diplomatic when you want things done
You need to be diplomatic when you want to get things done and stay in control. The best way to do so is to make your man feel at times that though he is important, he is not altogether indispensable. Getting across this vibe nonchalantly will make you stay in control.

Become hotter as your marriage gets older
Another way to keep your marriage harmonious and your man under control is to work hard on the way you look. If you can manage to look hotter as your marriage gets older, your man will keep his interest alive in you and will stay in control.

Don’t let the sex get boring and monotonous
Keep your sex life active and interesting. Don’t get into the rut of boring sex as that sours a marriage and gets a man looking elsewhere. Keep the spark alive in your marriage by loving your man and keeping the sex interesting for him.