Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise and his suicide news came as a big-time shocker for everyone. No one believed that the actor could kill himself in such a drastic way. However, fate had it in that way and we lost a shining star. Bigg Boss 13 contestant Himanshi Khurana was also completely shocked when she heard about the demise of Sushant and even her health was affected by the same.

Himanshi Khurana on Sushant Singh Rajput suicide

In a recent interview with ET Times, Himanshi Khurana said that Sushant Singh Rajput had a magical aura and his sudden demise shocked her so much that it affected her health and her blood pressure level dropped. The Punjabi Singer was quoted saying by the portal, “With him, the thing is he had this magical aura which everyone could relate to. So, when he passed away everyone we all connected with him as if we all knew him personally. I was in a state of shock, I could get thoughts about him from mind. I simply kept thinking what wrong must have happened with him. It affected my health, my blood pressure level dropped.”

 “He was a very intelligent, brilliant actor, good-looking, was doing well in his career, was earning nice, was from a good family. He had everything in life so what made him do that people kept discussing this. But they don’t understand that sometimes name, fame, money is not the only thing that makes a person happy. These things can’t buy it. Sometimes, despite having everything in your life, you are lost and you fail to make others understand what is bothering you. I don’t know what Sushant was going through and why he couldn’t share his feelings or problems with anyone,” she said.

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