Happy Hypoxia, Know The Silent Killer In Youngsters

By Lija Feba

This is really a tough time for people all over the globe. With the new variants of COVID-19 and many more diseases like the black, white and yellow fungus, a healthy living has become even hard. Adding fuel to the situation, medical experts have been worried about a health issue particularly in young people. They named it ‘happy hypoxia’ or the ‘silent hypoxia’ where the patient will be happy and unaware of what it is till the last moment.  

What is Happy Hypoxia?

Veteran doctors have defined Happy Hypoxia as a condition in which COVID-19 patients suffer from low blood pressure and oxygen levels. A more terrifying fact about the condition is that the patient will not develop any external symptom of oxygen shortage. ‘Happy Hypoxics’ will normally engage in their daily routines without any difficulty. They will only exhibit a shortness of breath on a later stage which may lead to death. 

In general, a COVID-19 Patient will show oxygen saturation levels falling to 40%. In a few cases it will be even lower. But in hypoxics, this will be considerably low. The condition is found more in people below the age of 35. 

This can only be diagnosed with a regular check on oxygen levels. A pulse oximeter will help in this regard. Apart from this, hypoxics, unlike the coronavirus, diseased patients  may develop discoloration of skin( purple to red), pale lips and heavy sweating. They may also experience fever, cough and sore throat. 

Hypoxics fight against a drop in oxygen levels by speeding up their breathing levels.  The rare condition like where a person’s body adjusts itself to lower oxygen in higher altitudes have left the medical experts baffled. Hypoxics  will have failure in functioning of their internal organs like kidney, brain and heart. 

However, a timely diagnosis and treatment will save the hypoxics and keep them happy ahead.