Rishi Kapoor was a legendary veteran actor who left a void with his sudden death. However, he gave some of his career hits in his senior years and while everyone his age was busy learning social media, he was acing the Twitter game. His tweets have not just been a take on society but also created a lot of controversies. Watch these ten fiery tweets by Rishi Kapoor.

Check out the 10 fearless tweets made by Rishi Kapoor:

When he slammed a restaurant in NewYork:

When he lashed out on netizens that he is not Ranbir Kapoor’s mailbox:

When he warned people not to comment on his country and on his lifestyle

His tweet on Cyrus Mistry’s sacking as Tata Sons Chairman

When he slammed a book publisher, who made him wiat more than 5 hours

Rishi Kapoor called celebs ‘Chamcha’ after they attend Priyanka Chopra’s party and not Vinod Khanna’s funeral

When he gave opionions on changing the name

When beef got banned

He also slammed the newspapers

Rishi Kapoor’s last tweet, standing up for Covid warriors