Free Electricity Supply to Whole Village: Read How Chembu Village Lightens Up Round the Year

Karnataka Village gets electricity supply round-the-year

In India, there are many villages without a road or power. However, people come up with a variety of clever and imaginative ideas to address the dilemma. Such is the story of Chembu village in Karnataka, where the residents have found a permanent solution to this electricity problem.

Chembu village, located on the boundary of the Dakshina Kannada and Madikeri districts, has set an excellent example in this regard. Until today, no one has provided electricity to this tiny town. As a result, they decided to take control of the situation in their hands.

The geographical location of the village is such that it is surrounded by dense forests and numerous streams flowing across. As a result, the land belongs to Forest Department. This causes the hinderance for Mangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited to install electric poles in the area.

But now, the villagers are enjoying free electricity round the year. It seems amazing, right! They made it possible by laying large pipes into the stream, through which the water is diverted to their backyards. In the backyard, turbines have been fixed, that runs when water falls over them with force. And these turbines are connected to generators, which in turn, generate electricity.

The hydroelectric setup in Karnataka Village

In installation of this small hydroelectric set up, approximately 30 to 50 thousand rupees have been involved. The Gram Panchayat has made it possible by helping them to get loans and subsidies. More than 80% of the village is producing their own energy.

“We have lights, mixer grinder, water pump, wet grinder, refrigerator, fan, television and every necessary electrical appliance at our home now. Owning these things were a luxury for us earlier. Not because of affordability, but because of lack of electricity. We don’t want any electricity board to help us now. We have taught them a good lesson without uttering a single word, isn’t it?” proudly said, Janardhan, a local resident.

“I was fed up of living live like cavemen here. No power, no facilities to help in household chores, I would think where am I stuck up? Now I don’t have power cut issues, I never miss my TV serials, use all comfortable devices. Though I’m living in a remote village, I am content. Thanks to gram panchayat and all others who made this happen” told Savitri, who visited the village after a long time, after her marriage.