When suddenly the world stopped in 2020, we all were locked in our homes and had pretty much nothing to do. Pandemic forced us to bid adieu to our favorite restaurants and street foods, with no take out and home deliveries foodie’s life went to shackles. But on the bright side, we finally met the inner chef we had in us which we never knew existed. This happened mostly during the initial days of lockdown when we were working from home or not working at all and got all the time in the world.

In the midst of channeling our inner chef, cooking became a trend or more like a fashion on social media. And we all tried dozens of recipes inspired by social media trends but these five viral recipes went super hit on social media and we all fell for them hard. Let’s check them out.

1. Dalgona Coffee

From influencers to actors to our friends everyone made this coffee to the extent that it started getting canceled. And actually, for India, it was nothing new as we all were familiar with it already as our ‘the feti (beat) hui coffee’.

2. Mug Cake

Mug cake came to our rescue when all were left sweet tooth during the lockdown. The easiest and convenient recipes of all time and the chances of failure in baking this one was the least. So most of us ended up making it and especially at midnight.

3. Banana Bread

Another baking hit! #homemadebread was trending on Instagram all summer during the lockdown. People especially in the west went crazy in love with making banana bread all the time and recreating it with their own versions.

4. Four Layer Wrap

The innovative hack of wrap style went viral in the later days of 2020 and is still going on pretty hard on social media. Actually, the hack was just about giving your tortilla or in India ‘roti’ a cut from the center to any edge, stuff your fillings and give it a four-layer wrap. Voila! Your wrap is ready to grill it, bake it, deep fry it, or however, you please.

5. Baked Feta Cheese Pasta

One of the latest viral food trends on social media is ‘Baked Feta Cheese Pasta’ and honestly its worth the hype. Because its so easy and effortless and the results are mindblowing. The key to nailing it perfectly is to put your feta cheese in the middle of your baking tray with all your veggies and seasoning on the side. Once it’s out of the oven just pour your boiled pasta into the dish and give it a mix and see the creamy magic happening in front of your eyes. The trend originally started from Tik Tok but didn’t take a long time to hit Instagram. And now the internet is going gaga over it.

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