Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman To Meet PM To Discuss Russia-Ukraine Conflicts

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday said she’s going to be meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi to debate the case arising out of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Requests are rattled by Russia’s attack on the Eastern European country. When asked whether there’ll be a gathering with the Prime Minister on the Russia-Ukraine issue, Sitharaman said, “surely.”

Modi chairs CCS meet on Ukraine crisis; Doval, Goyal, Puri attend - India News

On Thursday, Russian President Putin blazoned an exertion in Ukraine and also the move has raised enterprises over the chance of a full-scale military battle between the two countries. The 30- share standard Sensex crashed over points in line with the global meltdown amid the irruption of Ukraine by Russia.


The recent stock behavioural pattern is not very impressive at the same time is a cause of worry among investors. Whereas on other hand, there has been panic observed among the investors regarding their investment.


Many of the investors have started even pulling out their investment from the market due to fear of losses and further unfavourable pattern or trends in the prices of the shares. Recently the stock market has been behaving very unevenly. Uneven trends are never favourable indicators of growth for the economy.