Explosive: BJP MP Alleges ₹20,000 Cr Corruption Scam in Rajasthan’s Jal Jeevan Mission

BJP MP Kirodi Lal Meena makes corruption allegations of a 20,000 crore scam in Rajasthan’s Jal Jeevan mission. Accusing the PHED minister and department secretary, he claims they collaborated to commit the massive fraud. Meena plans to approach the CVC, seeking an inquiry into the scam’s impact on project delays and eight crore people affected.

BJP’s Aggressive Anti-Corruption Stance: Uncovering the Reasons Behind Their Hard-hitting Approach

Kirori lal Meena

PM Modi’s launched BJP’s campaign in Ajmer, fueling the “85 % ki sarkar” jibe and setting stage to challenge Congress. Meena’s June 9th conference accused Vaibhav Gehlot of routing crores to benami accounts in Mauritius and London. Meena files complaint on June 7th, accusing the Rajasthan IT Department of a 5000 crore scam under the Gehlot Government. Read more at:

After learning from Karnataka, BJP copies Congress methods in Rajasthan.Kirodi Meena’s recent salvos and the party’s anti-corruption demonstration ignited their momentum, gaining significant traction. on 13th June, BJP stages a protest against corruption of the Congress government. In a step up the BJP continues to build momentum, adopting strategies from the Congress playbook in Rajasthan.

Will Congress defend its four-year freebies policy and claim good governance in its fight back?

The Congress party, ruling Rajasthan for four years, defends its freebies policy and good governance to retain power. The party has announced several populist schemes such as Indira Rasoi, which offers cheap food to the needy, and old Pension Scheme, which benefits the retired government employees. The party has also denied any anti-incumbency in the state and claimed that the people are happy with its work. However, the party is also plagued by internal conflicts due to the rivalry between Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot, who had revolted against him in 2020. The party will have to sort out its issues and show some unity to face the BJP, which is eager to oust it from the state.

“Rajasthan: The Kingmakers’ Verdict – People Hold the Power to Shape the State’s Future”

Amidst Rajasthan’s 30-year political instability and dynastic rule, the entry of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), led by Arvind Kejriwal, brings hope for honest governance. This development unsettles both the Congress and BJP, grappling with internal conflicts. While former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot challenges Gehlot’s corruption, MP Kirodi Meena alleges a 5,000 crore scam. Nevertheless, the people of Rajasthan, as the kingmakers, hold the power to decide between corrupt politics and transformative development. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that public perception, often influential in elections, leans toward the current government’s delivery of good governance.

Amidst the political dynamics and corruption allegations, Rajasthan stands at a critical juncture, with the power to shape its future through the voices of its people. The quest for honest governance and transformative progress continues, paving the way for a hopeful and prosperous Rajasthan.