Actor Amit Tandon’s Wife Ruby In Dubai Jail For This Heinous Crime

Amit Tandon, who is a popular face on Indian television, is going through a troubled time when it comes to his marriage. First, he was having problems with his wife Ruby and now another woe has struck their relationship. Amit Tandon’s wife Ruby has been held in the Al Raffa Jail, Dubai for threatening the government officials there.

A source from the Dubai Health Authority officials has said that Ruby, who is a popular dermatologist in Dubai, has threatened some of the government officials and this is the reason why she’s in jail right now. It’s been a month since Ruby was accused of this crime and has been in jail since then.

She has a long list of celebrities coming to her for various skin treatments; Mouni Roy, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Iqbal Khan, Lucky Morani, Rohit Varma, Vikram Bhatt, producer Suhana Sinha- to name a few.

Amit was in Dubai a few days back to get his wife out of jail but couldn’t succeed. He’s flying to Dubai once again to rescue his wife from jail.

“Amit and Ruby have had problems in their marriage of late, but Amit is a very honest and nice guy who will never walk away from a woman who is in a tight spot. And Ruby today is in one.”

The two have been married for the past 10 years and have a 7 years old daughter Jiyana. However, due to the unpleasant situation, the two have filed for divorce.

On Ruby’s situation, Amit said,  “I am very saddened by the developments that such a hardworking and caring woman who did her best to treat the rich, poor, and disabled to the best of her abilities and genuinely make a positive change has been put through this.

“Some very influential people or competitors who could not stand to see her succeed, as Dr Ruby had begun treatments on not only Bollywood but even Hollywood celebrities, levied false accusations against her due to which the poor girl has been held on remand for almost a month. I always want to believe in the due process of law, but sadly this time Ruby is at the receiving end of it.  We still hold faith that the judicial authorities will realize that she is 100 per cent innocent and let her come back to her work and most importantly to her daughter who misses her every day,” continued Amit.