54kg Dangal Cake Baked By A Dubai Bakery, You Wouldn’t Believe How Much It Cost

On account of India’s 70th Independence Day, a Dubai Bakery has baked a  54 kg cake that depicts a scene from the Aamir Khan movie Dangal. The bakery claims it to be the most expensive edible cake in the world.

The cake artists at Broadway Bakery took one month and invested 1200 hours in baking this cake. The cake cost around $40,000 i.e., around 25 lakhs.

The cake has a picture of Aamir Khan as Mahavir Phogat from the movie Dangal. The cake is a tribute to India’s 70th Independence Day and shows how the thinking of India is finally becoming free from the orthodox notions and is setting its daughters free to proudly represent India in the international sphere.

“The client wanted gold to be generously incorporated into the cake and we fulfilled the request by coating each medal with 75gm of edible gold,” the Broadway Bakery said in an official statement posted on its Facebook account on Wednesday.

The artists also capture a scene from the movie where Phogat’s young daughters and Olympic winners Geeta and Babita practicing Dangal (wrestling) in a makeshift Akhada (practicing ground for wrestlers).

“The cake is 100% edible and made entirely using sugar fondant, the signature chocolate sponge, ganache, Belgian chocolate, demerara sugar and edible gold. The Signature Chocolate Cake is one of the best tasting gourmet cakes in town,” the bakery company said.

The bakers add that it can comfortably serve 240 guests.

According to Forbes Magazine’s latest report, the movie has become the first Indian movie in the history to earn Rs 2000 crore (307 million USD) worldwide after it earned Rs 2.5 crore on its 53rd day at the China box office.