Elon Musk: Tesla Chief Becomes First Person In The World To Earn $300 Billion

The wealth of Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla company, one of the world’s richest people, is increasing day by day. Now he has become the only person in the world, whose position no one has reached till date. Last Thursday, Musk’s net worth jumped by $ 9.79 billion, or Rs 73,210 crore. After this, Musk’s net worth reached $ 302 billion according to the Bloomberg Billionaires’ Index. Musk has become the only person in the world to reach this place. With this, Tesla’s market cap has also crossed one lakh dollars.

Musk’s wealth is $100 billion more than the second richest person
According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the second richest person in the world is Jeff Bezos of Amazon Company. His net worth has reached $ 199 billion, but the special thing is that despite this, Elon Musk’s wealth is $ 100 billion more than Bezos. At the same time, Bernard Arnault is included in the list of the third richest person in the world. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is at number four.

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On Friday, Microsoft regained its perch as the world’s most valuable company, with a $2.46 trillion market cap, after an Apple share slump saw the iPhone maker’s overall value plunge around four percent to $2.41 trillion. This came after Apple fell just under 4 percent after lower than expected fourth-quarter revenues. Microsoft climbed 1.1 percent to blow past Apple after higher than expected revenue estimates for an 11th straight quarter, the report said. Microsoft is now more valuable than Apple for the first time since early 2020. The company is on pace for its biggest weekly gains since January, the report said Musk is now worth more than the annual GDP of nations like Egypt, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Greece, Qatar, and Finland.

These are the 10 richest people in the world –

  1. Elon Musk – $302 billion
  2. .Jeff Bezos – $199 billion
  3. Bernard Arnault – $168 billion
  4. Bill Gates – $135 billion
  5. Larry Page – $129 billion
  6. Sergi Ebrin – $125 billion
  7. Mark Zuckerberg – $ 118 billion
  8. Steve Ballmer – $ 116 billion
  9. Larry Allison – $ 115 billion
  10. Warney Buffett – $105 billion