Dimpy Ganguly and Rohit Roy’s 3 year Daughter Reanna
was performing belle with her other friends and Dimpy the Proud mummy could not
resist but sharing the picture on Instagram

Parenthood is blessing in everyone’s life. Giving your
entire world to a miniature that just entered in your life. From the first cry
of the baby to the very first footstep that it ever take. The turmoil that come
from the family while naming the baby. The excitement of “It “calling you “MA”
and “Papa”. Parenthood indulge everything care and love and arranging the
cradle for the baby. This blessing change and mesmerize everyone. This
Parenthood is also, mesmerizing Dimpy and her Husband Rohit these days with all
its beauty in their beloved Daughter Reanna Roy. Dimpy Ganguly shared such
moment of glimpse when her three-year-old daughter, Reanna Roy became a

Dimpy Married a Dubai Based Businessmen and her
childhood friend Rohit Roy on November 27, 2015 and had embraced motherhood in
2016 with her little sweet angel daughter, named her Reanna Roy. They both
share every small glimpse of love in their life on social media they also
shared their little angel doing belle with other ballerinas in super adorable
white and baby pink colored ballerina outfits with unicorn leggings, which Dimpy
shared on her Instagram Handle. In The video Reanna is looking very adorable
with her other ballerina friends. Dimpy captioned the videos and picture as
“Spotted a ballet of swans today! Couldn’t have spent the afternoon better!!
Thank you Brooklyn Melodies for this treat! #littleballerinas #brooklynmelodies

In the World of this Small family of three, there is
one to welcome more. Dimpy announces her Second pregnancy on Social media with flaunting
her baby bum for her second pregnancy by the she posted on social media. Along with the pictures, Dimpy had
written, “Being a mother has been one of my biggest achievements and I
wear it like a badge because I take my job very seriously. I am giving a shape
to the future generation, and I feel responsible for it. My role as a nurturer
has paid me back in ways I could not even imagine. Destiny has decided to bless
me yet again and I couldn’t have been more happier.”

Ganguly and Rohit Roy celebrated their little one, Reanna’s 3rd birthday bash
amongst family and friends. Before the bash, the trio jetted off to Paris for a
pre-birthday celebration For Reanna’s third birthday, Dimpy had penned down a
heartfelt letter for her little pixie, which could be read as, “My little one
.. everyday, every single time I lay eyes on you I wonder how someone so little
can inspire so much in me to always push myself, to always be a better version
of myself, to always think beyond myself.. even in the face of the worst
adversities you bring back my faith on what I started off as calling my one
true north. Then I look at myself and cannot help but feel proud of how much I
have evolved. You coming into my life has made me so much more than I used to
be; so much more empathetic, so much kinder, and so much more tolerant. Often
I’m called naive and foolish for believing in the goodness of this world…but
when I look at you and see how every day in spite of everything you pick up
good values, nobility and sense and insist that we adults practice what we

Ganguly’s letter could be further read as “I am bound to believe that if we are
bringing up little people like you the right way and not the
practical/convenient way, this world is bound to be a happy safe and good place
to live in. Thank you my darling for being so so so so resilient to all my
highs and lows (and god knows I have them!). For being so trusting of all that
I say. For always giving me a hug when this over-emotional mommy of yours is in
tears. For always being my constant companion (I’m going to be such a mess when
you start school). You haven’t failed to amaze me a single day in the last 3
years and I hope that as you go along with your life you keep sprinkling that
magic dust of yours wherever you go! Happy birthday, sweetheart! – yours
forever outrageously doting mamma #reannaturns3.” While that was all about her
mommy, a single line by Reanna’s daddy had it all! He had written, “You’re only
given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it”. Happy Third My
Love! Daddle (heart emoji) Reanna!”

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