Development of Vaccines for CoVID – 19 Worldwide

S.NO. Company/ University Head of Company Country/ Place Last Vaccine by Company Trials Date Expected Date of Result Technology Used for CoVID 19 Vaccine Expected Roll Out
1. Altimmune Inc. Dr. Vipin Garg US NasoVax April 2020
NA Intranasal Adenovirus Vector Vaccine  
2. CanSino Biologics Yu Xuefeng China SARS-CoV spike protein 23/03/2020
Phase I
  Single Used Bio-reactor System  
3. Clover Biopharmaceuticals Inc, GlaxoSmithKline plc & Dynavax Technologies Corp. Pen Liang; Emma Natasha Walmsley and CEPI China May 2020 NA Trimer tag Technology  
4. CureVac AG Pierre Kemula and CEPI Germany April 2020
NA mRNA Based vaccine  
5. Expres2ion Biotechnologies ApS Dr. Martin Roland Jensen Denmark MERS and SARS January 2021 NA Insect Cell Expression  
6. Generex Biotechnology; Biology Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences S. Gail Eckhardt and Melinda Foundation China & US May 2020 NA Li-key Immune system Activation  
7. Ibio Inc; Beijing CC Pharming Ltd. Robert B. Kay China Approval waited for clinical trials NA FastPharming Sytem (Plant Produced)  
8. Imperial College of London Robin Shattock and CEPI UK April 2020
NA Antibody therapy  
9. Inovio Pharma; Beijing Advaccine Biotech. Co. Ltd; Genome Lifescience Inc. J. Joseph Kim and Funds By Bill Gates China & US MERS April 2020
(Human trials expected)
September 2020 DNA Vaccine  
10. Linearx Inc; Takis Biotech James Hayward New York & Italy   April 2020
NA Polymerase Chain Reaction  
11. Medicago Inc. Dr. Bruce Clark Canada SARS CoV 2 gene July 2020
NA Basic Antibodies response  
12. Moderna Therapeutics Inc.; Kaiser Permanente Health Research Inc.; NIAID Bill  Gates and CEPI US Zika Vaccine, SARS 1 16/03/2020
(Human trial)
NA mRNA based Vaccine  
13. Novavax Inc. Staney C. Erck and CEPI US MERS May 2020
NA Nanoparticles vaccine  
14. The Jenner Institute; University of Oxford Prof. Adrian Hill UK MERS 28/03/2020
(Phase I)
NA Adenovirus Vector Encoding  
15. Stermirna therapeutics Co. Ltd.; Tongji University Li Hangwen China April 2020
NA mRNA based vaccine  
16. University of Queensland Peter Hoj and CEPI Australia May 2020
NA Protein subunit based  
17. University of Saskatchewan Richard Peter Stoicheff Canada NA NA Different strains of coronavirus  
18. Vaxart Inc. Wouter W. Latour UK June 2020
NA Recombinant protein vaccine  
19. Vaxil Bio Ltd. Ari S. Kellen Israel July 2020
NA Peptide vaccine based on bioinformatics  
20. Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and US Army Medical Research and Development Command Col. Deydre S. Teyhen US Ebola July 2020
NA MERS research  
21. Zydus Cadilla Pankaj Patel India NA NA rMeasles Virus vector based  
22. Mayo Vaccine Research Group Dr. Gregory Poland China 25/03/2020 NA Based on Peptide Subunit  
23. University of Western Ontario Canada May 2020
NA Bioinformatics and genetic imaging  
24. National School of Tropical Medicine Peter Hotez US SARS 1 May 2020
NA Development from SARS  
25. Cambridge University Jonathan Henley UK Ebola Looking for Funds NA Antibodies induced enhancing  
26. State Key Laboratory for Emerging Infectious Diseases  Xiang Zhang Hong Kong, China H1N1 April 2020 NA Based on Flu Vaccine  
27. BioNTech SE and Pfizer Inc. Ugur Sahin Germany Cancer related April 2020
NA mRNA baaed  
28. CytoDyn Inc. Nader Z. Pourhassan USA HIV April 2020
NA Antibodies response based  
29. Heat Biologics Inc. Jeffrey Wolf USA Immunotherapy April 2020
NA Based on Flu Vaccine  
30. Johnson & Johnson Alex Gorsky USA HIV September 2020 NA mRNA Based  
31. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc Leonard Schleifer USA Ebola May 2020 NA Peptide bond Based  
32. Sanofi Paul Hudson France Rubella April 2020
33. India’s Serum Institute Cyrus Poonawalla India Swine Fly April 2020
January 2021 Antibodies response Based  
34. Bharat Biotech Dr. Krishna Ella India RotaVac April 2020
December 2020 Nasal Vaccine  
35. GeoVax and BravoVax Farshad Guirakhkoo US HIV NA NA  
36. University of Pittsburgh Louis Falo US MERS 2 April 2020
Preclinical Trial
NA Based on SARS CoV 1 Vaccine  

Updated on: 05/04/2020
Created on: 29/03/2020
Compiled by: Himshikha Shukla
Editor: Divesh Nath