Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, “India Is Becoming Self-Reliant In The Defense Sector Taking A Jibe At Pakistan”

India is such a country in the world that has never attacked any country nor occupied an inch of land of any country. If we wanted, we could have captured their land in the 1971 war. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said this without naming Pakistan. Addressing the FICCI annual conference on Saturday, Rajnath Singh said that without naming the country, I want to say that India is the only country in the world which has never attacked anyone without any reason. If India wanted, it could have captured their land in the 1971 war, but India has neither such tendency nor nature.

Today Indian CEO among top organizations of the world- Rajnath Singh

Addressing the 94th Annual General Meeting of FICCI, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that India is an emerging economy. We have young young trained scientific, technical and managerial talent today. Indian CEOs are sitting in the top most organizations in the world.

Some neighboring countries unhappy with India’s progress – Defense Minister

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that we have clearly told our allies America, Russia, France and many of our allies that India will not depend on other countries for its self-defense. Rather, it will manufacture defense equipment in the country itself for its own security. Defense Minister Singh said that most of the countries of the world are friends of India including America, Russia and France. He said, “We have told every friendly country that keeping in mind the security of the country, we want to produce military platforms, arms and ammunition in India itself.”

Without naming China and Pakistan, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that there are some of our neighboring countries who are unhappy with India’s progress and keep expressing their displeasure in between.

After coming to the NDA government, there was a lot of work in the defense sector: Rajnath Singh

In his address at the FICCI Annual Conference, Rajnath Singh said- I have the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense, so I will keep my point mainly around defence, security and defense production. You people are well aware that the defense sector is one such area where the ‘time line’ of most of the projects was not in months but in years. There are some projects that took decades. After coming to our government, a lot of work has been done in this sector. We have succeeded to a great extent in reducing the time line of all types of projects. Not only this, we have also successfully reached the pending cases of the previous governments.

Referring to Corona, Rajnath Singh said that today 55 percent of India’s population has been vaccinated. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has completely shortened the ‘time line’ of ‘vaccine delivery’. You saw corona happened today, the vaccine was made yesterday and the day after tomorrow. That is, the work which the earlier governments were doing in the years, we have been able to do the work yesterday. I believe that, as we come out of the difficulty of Corona, the sector which is able to overcome this challenge the fastest is the defense sector.