COVID Vaccine Caller Tune Likely To End Soon; DoT Writes To Health Ministry

The department of telecommunications (DoT) has written a letter to the Union ministry of health to shut down the caller tune related to the success of COVID vaccination. It has been running for the last two years.

Whenever you call someone, first you have to listen to the COVID vaccination caller tune. People have complained many times about this that it is very disturbing. The caller tune was started to spread awareness against the pandemic.

Initially, the caller tune was used to spread awareness about COVID-19 and now awareness is being spread through the caller tune regarding vaccination.

Emergency Call Delay

Many times during urgent or emergency calls, due to this caller tune, there is a delay in connecting the call, which causes a lot of trouble to the people, although pressing 1 along with the start of the caller tune stops this tune many times.

Now DoT has requested the ministry of health as well as the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) to remove this caller tune. According to the report, the health ministry is considering removing the caller tune following the department’s request.

DoT, in its letter to the health ministry, has said that the continuation of the pre-caller caller tune means stopping and delaying such important calls which are being made for emergencies. Because of this, Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) delay a lot in mobile network call connections. Now the time has come to make changes and remove the caller tune.