Corona will lose and India will win: Kanishka Yadav, Nursing Officer, AIIMS; Check Out The Exclusive Video Of This Super Volunteer

Meet Kanishka Yadav, who could have stayed at home having a comfortable life with his family like us but he decided not to do the same. When he came to know that in their hospital, the team has been formed for Corona and he is not enlisted for it. He wrote to his administration’s high command and requested him to join the team. The administration has honoured his request and gave him an opportunity to serve the people suffering from Corona. This is what a true patriot, a true nationalist does.

Today when our country is going through such a delicate phase, we need people like Kanishka who are our ray of hope. We should respect their feelings. Kanishka says that this virus do not discriminate among any caste or religion, this can infect anyone. So, it’s a request to all of you, stay at your home.

We salute to such people, who serve us, our loved ones and our friends in times of difficulty without being acknowledged. We need more people like him. Kanishka Yadav is a true countryman who has set a benchmark for all the generations. Salute to you and your team, Kanishka!