PM Modi To Seek Blessings From Baba Kedarnath On November 5

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is known for his trips, national and international, other than his achievements in politics. His trips are majorly professional or pilgrimage. However, his trip to Kedarnath on November 5th is an amalgamation of both. It is reported that PM will conduct a visit to Kedarnath for offering prayers and also for inaugurating Kedarpuri reconstruction projects worth Rs 250 crore. Within a time span of 30 days, it will be his second visit to the state. He visited Rishikesh on October 7th for the purpose of Inaugurating an oxygen plant in AIIMS. Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Pushkar Dhami, has confirmed the reports of PM’s arrival and also informed that it will be much more than for offering prayers. PM Modi’s visits to the Kedarnath temple have been frequ...

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Afghanistan: Will The Dreams Of Afghani Girls Under Taliban’s Rule Shatter?

On 15th August 2021, The Taliban, an Islamist fundamentalist movement took over the control of Afghanistan by conquering its capital, Kabul. This has turned the functioning of the Afghan government upside down. Taliban’s encounter and their extreme interpretation of Islamic sharia law have severely impacted the lives of young girls and women in Afghanistan. Taliban has not only restricted women to work across the country, but also excluded girls from school during the year 1996-2001 when they held power over roughly three-quarters of Afghanistan. After the U.S led invasion toppled Taliban rule in 2001, girls began attending schools and universities and the female literacy rate has reached 30 percent by 2018. But now everyone fears if the history repeats again. Because the girls of s...

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Supreme Court To Hear On Lakhimpur Kheri Violence Tomorrow

The hearing on Lakhimpur Kheri violence will be heard by Supreme Court on Wednesday, October 20. Eight persons, including four farmers, lost their lives in the incidents of violence during a farmers’ protest on October 3.   The issue will be heard by a Bench comprising of Chief Justice of India, NV Ramana, and Justices Surya Kant and Hima Kohli after a letter was written by two lawyers seeking a high-level judicial inquiry in the incident. The inquiry of incident is done by the CBI and all important shreds of evidence are furnished by them. Supreme Court had expressed dissatisfaction over the steps taken by the Uttar Pradesh government in the violence killing eight persons. Ten people, including Ashish Mishra, the son of Union Minister of State for Home Affairs and Bharatiy...

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Why Do PANDORA PAPERS Matter? What Do They Reveal?

A few days ago, the ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) revealed the Pandora Papers. These documents contain the names and financial activities of numerous influential and ultra-rich people. There are over 300 Indian citizens too, varying from billionaires to top government officials, celebrities, public figures, and sportsmen. The word "Pandora" is derived from the expression- ‘Pandora's box’ of Greek mythology which essentially denotes a source of unseen trouble. What are the Pandora papers? What do they reveal? They are 11.9 million leaked files from global corporate services firms. These documents reveal the ultimate ownership of assets settled in private off-shore trusts and investments including cash, shareholding, and real estate properties held by...

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Here Is Yogi Government’s New Scheme To Generate Votes From ‘Soil’ In Elections

In Uttar Pradesh, the ruling party BJP does not want to leave any stone unturned in the exercise of regaining power. Keeping the OBC vote bank in mind, now the focus of the Yogi government is on generating votes from the soil, launches new scheme. Before Diwali, the government has announced special assistance to clay artisans. Read more on The new scheme of "Mati Kala Board" was formed in 2018 after the Yogi government came to power in UP. Its purpose was related to the assistance and training of clay artisans. In this work, people belonging to the backward classes, especially the Prajapati community, are involved in the preparation of lamps along with the idols of Lakshmi-Ganesh. Check out entertainment news here.   In the OBC meeting of BJP in Lucknow, ...

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