Military Robots To Change Dynamics Of War

Amid the global arms race and automation of military weapons, a campaign named as " stop killing robots" is gaining pace. As major military powers invest in automation and AI technology, concerns are also growing about the efficiency of such robots. Recently, a student campaign called #StopCambridgeKillerRobots was launched against Cambridge University research. The report says the research in question aims to develop lethal autonomous weapons (LAWs) which have been dubbed as 'killer robots.' The research was funded by defense industry-related companies who have provided grants worth billions of dollars to Cambridge. Reports says that major military powers like the US, China, and Russia are heavily investing in AI weapons and robotics. The US Army is reportedly developing a new sy...

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It Is Time To Put A Stop To Farmers’ Demonstrations And Politics

As seen by the Congress party's employment of a divide-and-rule strategy to win elections during the dreaded Khalistan period in the 1960s and 1980s, the Congress party demonstration that politics could fracture even the most solid of communities. Despite the fact that Sikhs and Hindus are almost similar in Punjab, the Khalistanis started killing Sikhs, Hindus, and anybody else who dared to oppose them as a consequence of a large number of murders and the resultant bad blood. A Glimpse of Farmers' protest A long-distance relationship between Khalistan and Pakistan is re-emerging in some sections of Punjab, this time after many decades of absence. While it is true that there is a farmer's strike underway, no one can deny that political parties and foreign funders are assisting in its...

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Dr. Shraddha Bindroo Is The Most Desired Special Advisor To The J&K LG

Dr. Shraddha Bindroo's quick reaction to her father's targeted assassination shows the unbreakable spirit of not just a community but also Kashmir and the rest of India as well. Dr. Shraddha Bindroo described the killers of her father, who was shot dead while working late in the family pharmacy in Srinagar on the night of Tuesday, October 5, as cowards who lacked the courage to debate someone like her father, who remained in Srinagar and served the people through his pharmacy even after the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits in the last decade of the 20th century. Dr. Shraddha Bindroo According to her, her father provided free medication to the needy, assisted them in every way, and motivated her and her brother to persevere through adversity and accomplish their goals, she said. ...

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Billion Dollar ‘Organ Trade’ In China

An Australian report claims that China has been making billions by illegal organ trade by exploiting Uighurs, a minority Muslim community in the country's Xinjiang region. Beijing is allegedly harvesting organs of vulnerable minorities forcibly and later selling them on the black market. A report carried by the Australian Herald sun says Beijing is earning a whopping $ 1 billion in annual sales of harvested organs. The report also adds that a healthy liver fetches around $160000 on the black market. As the director general's report to the executive board at its 79th session pointed out, human organ transplantation began with a series of experimental studies at the beginning of the 20th century. The report drew attention to some of the major clinical and scientific advances in the ...

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The Journey Of Air India From Success To Failure… What’s Next?

There was a time when Air India, which was known as ‘The palace in the sky', was considered one of the best airlines in the world. It provided luxury travel for the passengers. Associated with hospitality, food, Indian culture, and art. Air India seemed to be a representation of India. But today the situation has become so worse that after a hundred million losses,  the government had to privatize it. Here we will be considering some important incidents which lead the government to take such an initiative. Air India 747 First class JRD Tata, who had a passion for flying planes was the first Indian to acquire a flying license. To bring civil aviation to India was his dream. But it wasn’t easy at that time because the British Raj who were ruling India during those times didn’t coopera...

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