List Of Bollywood Actor Who Went to Acting School But Still Can’t Act

While it’s not important to be a specialist in what you’ve contemplated, in some cases it is valuable to apply what you’ve examined, particularly if it’s acting and somebody put their opportunity in doing workshops for you! Our Bollywood stars who are not all that great at their calling have likewise been to acting schools yet that didn’t help them! Here are a couple of celebs, exactly a sheer result of nepotism who couldn’t awe us with their acting in spite of going to acting schools.

Sikander Kher – Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute

Kirron Kher and Anupam’s child Sikander has obviously gone to Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute however regardless of his agonizing looks, he’s neglected to flabbergast us.

Esha Gupta – Actor Prepares

She was in an ideal situation doing her obligations as a Miss India than going to an acting school that did no great to her!

Riya Sen – Kishore Namit Kapoor Institute

Falguni Pathak’s melody Choodi Jo Khanki is the main good thing that happened to Riya. Acting school expense went squander!

John Abraham – Kishore Namit Kapoor Institute

What do we say! In the event that looks could kill…. however, acting doesn’t! It slaughters, actually!

Esha Deol – Kishore Namit Kapoor Institute

We think this acting organization has preferably damaged vocations than made a few!

Zareen Khan – Actor Prepares

She needed to take the best approach to skin appear in spite of doing some enormous motion pictures with Salman Khan, however performing artist gets ready didn’t set up her well!

Uday Chopra – Kishore Namit Kapoor Institute

Heritage once in a while turns into a revile, and notwithstanding acting schools don’t spare a sinking ship.

Shamita Shetty – Kishore Namit Kapoor Institute

We’re letting you know, this specific acting school is cursed!

Athiya Shetty – New York Film Academy

Is it accurate to say that she was a back bencher? We wonder!