Here’s What Sana Khan Said After Facing Massive Trolling For Her Pic With Salman Khan

Sana Khan’s embrace with Salman Khan at a current honor indicate has turned into a web sensation for all the wrong reasons! Salman was seen embracing her with his clench hands shut and everybody went on a tirade about how ungainly it was particularly on the grounds that she was wearing a revealing dress.

Sana has now approached and lashed out every one of the haters who’ve been reprimanding her. This is what she said…

“I still can’t believe that a normal hug was trending, trolling, and rolling. People just blew it out of proportion because Salman had a closed fist, and some dumb people even called it an awkward hug. Who the hell am I to make him feel uncomfortable? It’s stupid to put somebody down by saying such a nasty thing and showing me in a wrong light. It’s not as if I went to hug him and he didn’t recognise me. Couldn’t it be somebody’s style? Maybe he hugs like that. I don’t know. I think the best person to ask this would be Salman. He has been in the film industry for over 25 years, so don’t think backless even matters to him… he has seen more than that (laughs). Let’s not talk like a five-year-old and make all this sound so big.”