Bollywood industry is known to have a few astounding celeb couples who never neglect to dole out significant relationship goals for all of us. In the midst of this Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan have restored the faith’s confidence, affection, and trust in marriage. The pair never neglects to make the heads turn with their sizzling chemistry each time they venture out. Plus, their romantic tale has won the hearts of millions. And keeping in mind that King Khan is known for his intelligence, relatively few individuals know about the way that the whiz had played a trick on his parents in law during his wedding gathering which had left everybody stunned and afterward in parts.

We have come across the throwback interview of this amazing Bollywood couple, Gauri Khan and Shah Rukh Khan thinking back to an amusing interview that occurred in his wedding gathering. In an old television show of entertainer, Farida Jalal, Shah Rukh had revealed, “I remember, when their whole family, old fashioned people, I respect them all and respect their beliefs but at that time, in that old-fashioned reception, all of them were sitting there when I came in at 1:15, whispering “Hmmm… He’s a Muslim boy. Hmm… Will he change the girl’s name? Will she (Gauri) become a Muslim?

He had additionally shared why he asked his better half, Gauri to wear a burqa and change her name to Ayesha. Talking bout the same, he had proceeded, “They were all talking in Punjabi. Along these lines, I took a gander at that point and stated, “Alright Gauri, put on your ‘burqa’ and we should peruse the namaaz now.” The entire family gazed at us contemplating whether I had just changed her religion as of now. So I advised them, “From now into the foreseeable future she will wear a burqa constantly, she won’t actually take off from the house and her name will be changed to Ayesha and she will be this way.”

At the point when Gauri Khan had shown up on Koffee With Karan season 1, she was gotten some information about the distinction in her and Shah Rukh Khan’s religion. Gauri had stated, “Shah Rukh, he doesn’t have parents, sadly. In the event that they were there, the older individuals in the house, they would have taken consideration. Yet, it’s nothing similar to that in our home. It’s me who assumes responsibility be it Diwali or Holi or any celebration. So that is the reason the impact of my children would be a great deal with the Hindu part of them … yet, indeed, Aryan is so into Shah Rukh that he would follow his religion, I feel. He would consistently say ‘I am a Muslim’. At the point when he said this to my mom, she gets, ‘what do you mean?’.”