BJP Cheated With EVM To Win The Elections? Swami Prasad Accused BJP, ‘SP Won On Ballot Paper, EVM Played The Game’

After winning the UP elections of 2022 with an absolute majority, the BJP has once again come back to power. Whereas SP leaders after losing the elections are now blaming EVMs for their defeat in the elections. Samajwadi Party candidate Swami Prasad Maurya, who lost from the Fazilnagar assembly seat in Kushinagar district, on Monday has targeted EVMs and BJP in his tweet.

He wrote on the tweet that in the ballot paper voting, the Samajwadi Party has won 304 seats, while the BJP only 99. But BJP won the election in EVM count, it means some big game has happened in the elections.

Let us inform you that Swami Prasad, who was a minister in the Yogi government, not only changed the party just before the election as a political strategy, but also left his traditional seat of Padrauna and contested from a new seat of Fazilnagar. Here he was defeated by Surendra Kumar Kushwaha of BJP.

Swamy had left the BJP and joined the SP before the elections. He has been MLA from his traditional seat Padrauna in Kushinagar district from 2007 to 2022. He was with BSP before joining BJP in 2016.

Former SP district president Ilyas Ansari’s rebellion is believed to be the main reason in Swamy’s defeat. Many leaders who crossed the electoral ladder with the help of Swamy were given tickets, but after nomination they had to withdraw from the field.

Voting statistics of Fazilnagar assembly seat

BJP seat Surendra Kushwaha- 1,03,313
SP seat Swami Prasad Maurya- 62,894
BSP seat Muhammad Ilyas Ansari- 26,495
Number of total Voters- 3,98,835